The Nursery: Dresser/Change Table

So I’m sure this will be an ongoing series on this blog, simply because it is mostly what I think about all day long.

The little dude’s nursery. It’s not a big room but it has a decent sized closet and gets a fair amount of light.

We decided to keep things as inexpensive as possible (not always easy!) and to try to find items that could be re-purposed in the little dudes room as he got older, used for a second child or re-purposed elsewhere in the house.

Rather than purchasing a single purpose change table that is only big enough to fit the changing pad on top, we decided to go for a long low dresser that could follow our little guy as he grows up.Ā  I searched high and low on Craigslist for something suitable, but everything was either too expensive or not the right colour.

Enter IKEA’s Edland collection. I have to say, I fell in LOVE with this collection the moment I saw it at Ikea a few years ago. Something about the colour gray. All I had to do was convince the husband that this was the dresser for us (surprisingly not that difficult) and home it came.

The husband decided that he would build the dresser and promised me he would follow the instructions to a T (he’s not the handiest fellow). After dropping a few F bombs throughout the evening he triumphantly came downstairs announcing that he was finally finished. I went upstairs to inspect admire his work.

The first thing I asked was – “why are there screws showing at the front of the dresser?” he replied that that was the way it was supposed to be. I took a look at the instructions and lo-and-behold, he missed the part on step 6 that showed him which direction to put the pieces so the screws wouldn’t show.

Unfortunately this dresser has about 40 steps and to fix this mistake one would have to take the entire dresser apart and rebuild.

So my dilemma – what should I do? I have a few options that I can figure:

  1. Take apart the dresser and rebuild
  2. Find some sort of cap that could cover these screws
  3. Paint the screws the same (or similar) gray as the dresser
  4. Cover the piece of wood and screws with fabric or paper
  5. Suck it up and leave it as is and appreciate that my Edland Dresser will be unique

Right now I’m working on number 5. I think I will probably end up taking a piece of fabric or paper in colours that match the little dude’s room and cover the front so that the screws aren’t visible any longer. I think they will probably drive me nuts if they are left there and I really don’t have the patience or the heart to take the dresser apart after the husband worked so hard on it. Here’s a shot of what the dresser looks like (with clothes that have yet to be put away and a mustache painting that I did a while back). The screws aren’t that noticeable, are they? (Ok, they totally are).

You better believe I’ll be building the crib! Lesson learned…


P.S. Wall colour is Benjamin Moore’s Wedgewood Grey
P.P.S. Yes we have shag carpet. Don’t get me started.


2 thoughts on “The Nursery: Dresser/Change Table

  1. You should totally get some cool knobs from anthropologie or Hobby Lobby or somewhere and screw those into the holes. They’d be like faux skinny drawers on top…Just a thought…I know I’d think about doing something every time I looked at those holes… šŸ˜‰ Good Luck!! (and by the way, glad you posted your DYI sheet results. I saw the post at Prudent Baby too but am scared to try it. You gave me a bit more confidence!!

    1. Ooo great idea with the knobs. I’ll keep my eyes open for something funky. Alas, we have no Anthropologie or Hobby Lobby stores in Canada but I’m not far from the boarder. This may call for a trip!

      And no problem about the sheets. They are totally easy, don’t be intimidated! šŸ™‚

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