4 Simple Goals

I’m a huge fan of Elsie Flannigan and her blog, A Beautiful Mess.  She recently posted a little challenge – create 4 simple goals that will make your life richer and happier on a daily basis.  Well I decided to join in the fun (there are so many great goals out there!)

Here is my list:

1. Take over a good chunk of the cooking duties from the husband
Right now he cooks 99% of our dinnertime meals, but with me going on maternity leave in November, the plan is for me to take over that duty on most days.  I’m comfortable in the kitchen but I could be more so (I’m not good without a plan and I certainly can’t open the fridge door and think “oh I know, I’ll make….” unless it is eggs and bacon or mac and cheese).  I’d like to get into a rhythm before the little dude arrives. To accomplish this goal I think I’m going to need to start meal planning, so watch out for that on the blog.

I will know I have accomplished this goal when: I am cooking the majority of our dinnertime meals consistently on a weekly basis.
My reward for accomplishing this goal is: buy some pretty fabric to make reusable tote bags out of for grocery shopping (much better than the ugly ones at the store!)

2. Go for more walks
I live in the cutest little neighbourhood full of pretty houses, beautiful walking trails and cute shops. We go for walks often, but certainly not often enough. Before the beautiful summer & brisk fall weather leaves us I’d like to start going on walks at least 3 times a week.

I will know I have accomplished this goal when: We/I have gone for 3 walks/week in a month
My reward for accomplishing this goal is: I get to buy 1 article of clothing or a toy for the little dude (we are trying not to buy anything until after we have the baby shower in October).

3. Turn off the TV
Set the PVR and save the shows for a yucky rainy day.  I’ll start with 3 TV-free days a week and go from there (that may not seem like much but the TV is on every single night at our house).

I will know I have accomplished this goal when: I have not watched TV 3 days/week in one months time
My reward for accomplishing this goal is: one full (rainy!) day of catching up on my favourite shows, guilt-free

4. The 10 Minute Tidy
This is something the husband and I started ages ago that has been forgotten. We are fairly neat people but find that stuff can just pile up. Rather than getting angry about the stuff piling up or spending hours cleaning one day, we devised the “10 Minute Tidy”. Essentially each of us is to do 10 minutes worth of cleaning every single weekday (excluding dishes – those are done by the individual who doesn’t cook dinner). You can pick anything you want to tidy and the other person can’t say a thing about it (no “you should have done this”). 10 minutes is enough time to vacuum a room, throw in a load of laundry (then flip and fold the laundry when dry), make the bed and tidy the bathroom, clean 3 toilets, tidy the tupperware drawer. It actually got to be a bit of a challenge – how much stuff can you do in 10 minutes? I’m reintroducing this “game” and hopefully the husband will play along.

I will know I have accomplished this goal when: I have completed my 10 minute tidy every weekday for a month
My reward for accomplishing this goal is: I get to spend time working on my Home Ec class projects

I like these 4 simple goals because they actually feel achievable. I’ll post updates as I go.

Today is day one. I’m going to look up meal planning tips, pull out some cookbooks and start a grocery list. I’m also going to see if the husband wants to go for a walk this evening rather than sitting on the couch watching TV (two goals with one stone!) and I’ll propose the 10 minute tidy once he is home from work.  Should be a good day!



6 thoughts on “4 Simple Goals

  1. thanks for dropping by my blog today – much appreciated 🙂 your goals are ones I should do too, LOL! though for me it’s more the internet switch off than the tv…

    1. No problem, thanks for visiting me in return! I have to say the no TV goal is one of the hardest on my list! I don’t think I could ever switch of the internet though.. yikes!

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