Gift Ideas: 2 year old boy

Whipped up a cute gift bag and stuffed owl for a two year old’s birthday we are going to tomorrow. I’m happy with the way they turned out! The gift bag is part of the Home Ec class I’m taking and the Owl was a pattern from a Red Velvet Art crafting class I did last year.

I’m going to beef up the present a little by making my own kid-friendly crayons (stay tuned for a tutorial) and maybe even putting together my own colouring book. We’ll see how adventurous I get.  I always struggle with gifts for little kids, mainly because it’s really hard to know what they are into unless you are around them all the time. Thankfully this little dude is our neighbour so I like to think I know him pretty well.  I think the owl will be a hit (it matches his new “big boy” room) and crayons are always fun.  Perhaps some toys for his backyard water table will also make it into the gift.

Do you have any “go-to” gifts for kids?


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