Making Dinner: The Meal Plan

One of my 4 Simple Goals was to start cooking the majority of our meals.  I’ve had fun doing a little meal planning research and perusing all of my cookbooks.


What I’ve read is that it is best not to plan all seven nights in a week when doing a food plan as things happen – you go out one night to a restaurant, get invited over to friends or have more leftovers then you planned. By only doing 5 or 6 nights with a meal plan it means you won’t be wasting any food or feel like you are “failing” because one of your meals didn’t happen.

I have decided that my weeks will run Friday – Thursday. Strange, I know but I have my reasons! The husband and I have decided that Thursday night will be our night to watch TV in the house (another one of my 4 Simple Goals) so I figured it would be easy to sit down in front of the TV and flip through cookbooks or look at recipes online, rather than trying to do it on a night that we are out of the house. Shopping will happen on Fridays, either in the afternoon or when the husband is on his way home from work, depending on whose turn it is (a side note – I work too! But I work from home, so I have a lot more flexibility in my day.. depending on the day. I’ll do a post on this soon).

We have also made a decision about participating in Meatless Mondays.  If you don’t know what that is, I highly recommend clicking on the link and reading about it. Essentially the idea is to cut meat out once a week, by doing so you reduce meat consumption in order to improve personal health and the health of our planet.  This is going to prove to be a bit of a challenge, especially because the husband loathes the thought of eating vegetarian, BUT he did say he was willing to give it a try.

I’m starting just with dinners for our meal plan with the hope that enough is leftover for lunches the next day. Breakfast is every man for himself as the husband usually takes a snack with him to munch on the road or once he gets to his office. I’m always up after him and usually make something hot (because I can!) like eggs, waffles etc. or if I don’t feel like breaking out the pots and pans, I’ll whip up a breakfast smoothie. Once I get into a rhythm with dinners I’ll see if I can add breakfasts and lunches too.

Here is my plan for this week: August 20th – August 26th

Friday: Homemade Pizza’s two ways – BBQ Chicken and Brie & Pear
Saturday: Birthday party BBQ next door
Sunday: At the in-laws
Meatless Monday: Rice & veggie stuffed peppers with corn on the cob
Tuesday: Asian Beef Skewers
Wednesday: Grilled Chicken with corn on the cob and cucumber salad
Thursday: Steak with peanut sauce & broccoli

I’ll post recipes and pictures as I go. The two that I’ve linked above are from the magazine Everyday Food, but I was able to track them down online. The rest of the meals are either old standbys or easy enough to whip up (even though I admit, I’m not good at “whipping up”).

So here’s hoping this is a success. I’ve already done my shopping for the week and it was pretty cheap too because I was only buying the items on my list, not going down every aisle and grabbing stuff that looked good.

Off to chef up some pizzas!


3 thoughts on “Making Dinner: The Meal Plan

  1. I have been trying to meal plan for months! That cute chalkboard would sure help 😉 I found some handy spread sheets online. Thought about making my own…who knows maybe I will post that some time. Your first week looks great. If you haven’t been, 101 cookbooks site is awesome. Martha Stewarts daughter is veg so they have a lot of yummy meatless recipes, too. I am vegan and find recipes even the meat eater likes…aka my boyfriend.

    I went shopping today for portfolios. I found two styles I am going to think about 🙂

    Yay us! Thanks for the update.

    1. I think I’m going to have to try to make one of those chalkboards. Isn’t it pretty?? I have the perfect spot in my kitchen. I’m just loving the hot pink.

      Thanks for the tips! I’m going to try out that 101 cookbooks site as I have never heard of it before! I usually just go onto Foodgawker and drool.

      You’ll have to share some of your favourite vegan recipes with me one day. I’m all about experimenting with food and I think as long as it tastes good the husband will be happy with it too!

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