Tutorial: Individual Cupcake Stands

so, pretend these cookies are actually a cupcake - ok?

I love the look of cake stands and I would own a million of them if it wasn’t for the husband!  He claims we don’t have enough space.  My solution? Mini-cake stands, or individual cupcake stands.  They are super cute and make great gifts or even favors. I made 60 of them for my sister’s bridal shower – they were a huge hit!  It was so much fun watching people try to decide which cupcake stand they should take home.  The best part? They hardly take any time at all and are really inexpensive to make!


  • Epoxy – I used LePage Quick Dry which I found at Home Depot. You want something that dries relatively quickly and is waterproof.
  • Tea cup saucers – I get mine from the local thrift store. They are usually about $0.50 each.
  • Candle stick holders, small stem wear, shot glasses, votives – this is for the “stand” part of the cupcake stand. I have used all of the ones I listed with lots of success. You just want to make sure it’s sturdy and looks good with your teacup saucer. I used candlestick holders for this tutorial but I love the look of a shot glass too – very modern.


Step one: Clean your teacup saucers and candlestick holders well and make sure they are thoroughly dry before continuing.

Step two: Decide which saucer will go with which stand.

Step three: Prep your Epoxy according to the package directions – I had to squirt mine out and mix it for a minute. Note – if you get the speed dry you have to work quickly! It sets up in about 5 minutes.

Step four: Turn your first saucer upside down and roll the top of your stand in the epoxy until you get a good layer of it.

Step five: Place your epoxy’d stand in the centre of the saucer.

Step six: Continue with the rest of your stands and saucers and allow them to set up before turning right-side up. Mine only took a few minutes because I used the Speed Dry Epoxy.

Step seven: Turn right-side up and admire your pretty new cupcake stand!  You’ll want to wait a day or two for the Epoxy to totally cure before getting it wet. I don’t recommend putting these in the dishwasher. A simple rinse with some hot soapy water should suffice.

There you have it – individual cupcake stands! But don’t let the name stop you from using them for other purposes. I keep one on my nightstand to hold my jewelery. You could put it in the bathroom to hold fancy soaps or use it as a tea light candle holder.

I’d love to see how yours turn out!


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