Thinking about: Christmas Tree Hunting

Ok, so I know it’s just the end of summer, but the last few days have been a little nippy ’round these parts. It’s got me thinking of colder weather, Christmas and specifically, Christmas Tree Hunting. We started it as a family tradition last year, we went with my brother-in-law, sister-in-law and little niece and we had a blast! I can’t believe that this year we’ll be hauling 3 kids around with us – a 3 year old and two 1 month olds (my sis-in-law is also pregnant, due just a few weeks before me).  We go to a local farm – and I mean local, it’s less than 5 minutes from our house! The day is really magical. I’ve always LOVED Christmas, but this makes it even more fun!  You hunt through acres of beautiful trees looking for one that isn’t too tall, isn’t too short and is just fat enough. Then you get to cut it down and haul it home. But not before enjoying some warm apple cider or hot chocolate, first!

I hope it’s a tradition we keep for years to come.


2 thoughts on “Thinking about: Christmas Tree Hunting

  1. My family (my parents and the 4 of us kids) have always had the tradition of going out all together and cutting down a tree. It’s one of my favorite traditions. We’re all very picky and it can get really funny 🙂

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