Making Dinner: This week’s plan


Pre-natal classes start on Tuesday and while I thought we would have to go out for dinner on Tuesday nights, the success of last week’s Mac & Cheese proves we can eat dinner at home and still make it to our appointments in the evening on time, as long as we are organized.  This week is also the start of NFL Football season Monday night games. Why does this matter? Well the husband is part of a football pool at a local pub and by taking part in the pool you get dinner every Monday night. So Monday’s I’ll be cooking dinner for me still (since I don’t give a hoot about football) with the leftovers to feed the both of us for lunch the next day.  We are still keeping it meatless on Monday’s.

September 10 – 16

Friday: Pulled Pork Sandwiches
Saturday:  Chicken Cordon Bleu with potatoes and veggies
Sunday: at the in-laws for dinner
Meatless Monday: veggie burgers
Tuesday: Fancy Pizza’s two ways (I’ve made this before, but we’ll try out some new combinations this time)
Wednesday: Beef Satay with cold noodle salad
Thursday: I’m out for dinner for a work function, the husband will make perogies (something we always have in the freezer) or eat up leftovers from the week

I’m grocery shopping tomorrow morning, hopefully the lines won’t be too long! Anyone else out there in blog-land Meal Planning yet?

Click here to find my reviews and recipes from last week
Click here to download my weekly Meal Planner & Grocery List sheet.


2 thoughts on “Making Dinner: This week’s plan

  1. All the meals look delicious!!
    We finally started meal planning 🙂
    We’re making:
    French toast to last us for the week (hopefully)
    Bacon (all made up yesterday so we can have lunches)
    Spaghetti (for the boyf, I don’t like it but I’ll just have noodles+ cheese), and salad
    BBQ Chicken Burgers (if I can find ground chicken breast)

    We’re only going to do about 2-3 meals a week. There’s always a ton of leftovers and Saturday’s are date day/night so we usually go out 🙂

    1. Sounds like a great week! I’ve never had any issue finding ground chicken at the supermarket in the meat section, but perhaps you’d have an easier time finding ground turkey? I think it’s a little more common. When we do chicken burgers I just cook a whole breast on the bbq and then slice it and put it on a bun.. maybe that will work?

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