DIY Crib Sheets

I DIY’d my very own crib sheets on the weekend. I spotted a tutorial over on Prudent Baby ages ago and it went on my very long To Do list. Well check one thing off!! This was seriously the easiest thing to make and it is really satisfying too.  Especially because I don’t like any of the traditional bedding sets out there (too cutesy) and our bank account can’t handle to outfit the kids room in all DwellStudio stuff (which I would LOVE to do).

I made one minor modification which was to create an elastic casing all the way around the bottom of the sheet and then thread the elastic all the way around to create a more finished look. It was really the part that took the longest and I did it as I watched Juno on my computer. Easy Peasy.

I think I’ll make one more set of crib sheets, that way the little dude has 3 sets plus any we get at the shower next month. I hear that babies make big messes so I’m trying to be prepared!

Next on the to do list? A crib blanket or two plus a quilt for laying out on the ground when it’s play time.

OH! And I solved my chair dilemma on the weekend. It was the only piece of furniture we were missing in the little dudes room and we were having a tough time finding what we wanted that didn’t cost an arm and a leg. I knew I didn’t want a glider as I am not convinced that it is necessary and I really hate the way they look. Plus the price tag – outrageous! I simply wanted a comfortable armchair that I could relax in and breastfeed or cuddle with the little dude.  We bought new couches a year ago and our old couch and chair and a half (bigger than an armchair, smaller than a loveseat) got relegated to our unfinished basement for the cat the reek havoc on.  I had totally forgotten about the chair and a half until my moment of brilliance on Sunday. The husband ran downstairs and measured the chair and then we both went upstairs and surveyed the space we had. A simple turn of the crib (thanks to my genius of a husband) and the chair will fit PERFECTLY. Now I have to decide if I want to slip cover it or not and wait for the rain to stop so we can bring it upstairs.

I’m happy that I’ll have a comfy place to sit and the husband is happy that I didn’t spend any money. In his words – my “frugality is a huge turn-on”. Hahaha.


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