Gestational Diabetes

Well I got a call from my doctor this morning letting me know that my glucose tolerance test came back positive and that I have to go for another, longer glucose tolerance test. Chances are that I have gestational diabetes, which isn’t that shocking given my family history of both gestational and type 2. Still it’s rocked my world a little and I’m crossing my fingers that either 1. the first test was wrong and I don’t have gestational diabetes or 2. that if I do have it it will be manageable with diet and exercise (because, oh man I do NOT want to have to inject myself with insulin!)

Test number 2 is tomorrow morning. Hopefully the results will be in quickly so I’m not waiting on pins and needles (literally?)

Regardless of the results of test number 2, test number 1 showed that my blood sugar levels are too high so I’ll most likely be making some diet changes, which means some different recipes for meal planning. I’m going to focus on that as a positive that I get to try new things!


2 thoughts on “Gestational Diabetes

  1. Yes, think positive! I’ve had friends with gestational diabetes and with them, it was quite manageable—lots of changes, but they are fine and they have happy, healthy little ones. I’ve got my fingers crossed that everything turns out okay for you and the little one!

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