Mini Post: What do you think?


Do you like blogs that have a set schedule? As in they always post the same thing on each day of the week? Monday’s are recipes, Tuesday’s are tutorials, Wednesday’s are fashion etc? Or do you like blogs with more randomness built in? Where you never know what to expect?

I’m toying with the idea of putting together a little schedule for the blog because I’ve been slacking on my posts and I think that this will help, but in looking at the blogs I like to read the most, I really like it when there’s some randomness. I do appreciate regular posts so I know that on Tuesday’s I can see a great round up of your favourite Etsy items or whatever, but I think I really like it best when I’m surprised at the topic of a blog post. Plus it’s easier on the blogger not having to fit into certain constraints.

I think I just talked myself out of a blog schedule! Haha. I do like the idea of focusing on a few topics though and then sprinkling in some other posts of what is floating around in my head.

While this blog is still in its infancy I’d like to play around with what I’ll be posting/writing about etc. until I find my groove.  I’m thinking some mix of – tutorials (a must, because they are my favourite posts on other blogs, and I really like writing them), menu/meal plan/recipes, my favourite things (blog posts, trends, pretty pictures etc.) and some sort of mixture of life/what I’m working on/my To Do list. Is there anything that you’d like to see in this space? Something you think is missing from your current blog roll? A void that I could fill? Please do share!


3 thoughts on “Mini Post: What do you think?

  1. I think it’s helpful to have 1 or 2 set posts a week. I currently have 4 but they’re all so different that it’s not a big deal to me. And because of what they are, I tend to write posts and schedule them weeks in advance.
    Don’t do something that you don’t want to do. I did a 10 Things I love Sunday for a while, but it just got too hard for me to come up with things and became a chore.
    Take a look at some of your favorite blog reads and see what weekly posts they do 🙂
    Good luck!

  2. I like to check in about once a week. Rather than a rigid schedule, maybe just a loose quota? As long as there’s SOMETHING to read I’m happy!

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