Procrastination = no blogging

One of the many things I have struggled with in life is my need to procrastinate. I know I should be doing certain things but for whatever reason they just never get done. The laundry, the dishes, tidying my office, blogging, sewing more stuff for the little dude. There always seems to be something better or more urgent that has to get done. Lately it’s been work stuff that has been stealing my focus.

I have been slacking on the blog front lately. I do have a couple of posts back logged that I will get up in the next week or so and I promise I will try to be a better blogger. My sister was the one that pointed out to me that I haven’t posted anything since the 29th of September. I was shocked!

Stay tuned for more regular posting. I’ve only got a month left of work (or less if I can swing it!) and not too long after that the little dude will be here and I’ll be distracted for an entirely different reason…


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