My fall table

I like to do a bit of minor seasonal decorating around the house. Nothing fancy, just a few pieces that say “Fall” (or “Spring” or “Summer” or “Winter”.. you get the idea). I got these pretty little pumpkins at a farm stand in Keremeos, a tiny farm town in the interior of BC, on our way home from our visit with family during the Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend. I thought simply placing them on a mini cake-stand my sister got for me eons ago in the centre of our table was Autumn-y enough. It makes the table look pretty and I smile each time I see these little gourds.

Do you do anything special in the fall around your house?

This is what our Spring table looked like. I simply replaced the tulips as they died with new blooms from the store – only when they were on sale though.. no need to waste tons of dough on expensive flowers (which is easy to avoid when you use in-season flowers!). And yes, those are tin cans!


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