Holiday Decorating

I am now officially on maternity leave! It is a strange feeling, not to have work obligations. I don’t think it has really sunk in yet, but I’m sure it will over the next couple of days.

My nesting has kicked into high gear which means the house is practically spotless, the laundry is very much done, meals have been planned out for the week and groceries have been purchased, the hospital bags are packed and the little dude’s room is all done (save for a few sewing projects that I will be knocking out over the next couple of days). I’ve also started buying/working on Birthday and Christmas presents. Around these parts the majority of family birthday’s fall within the 2 months before and 1 month after Christmas.

So needless to say I’m so beyond organized I’m already contemplating what our house is going to look like at Christmas time. We don’t go crazy, but I have stocked up a good supply of Christmas decor that I like to pull out every year. I have some specific ideas this year that I didn’t want to forget (baby brain and all) so I started sketching them out. Full disclosure – I am no artist. I don’t even pretend to be. But I wanted to put my sketches here and then come back in a few weeks and show you how I did. The plan is to start working on the “crafts” that need to be made and then I’ll be putting everything up in the beginning of December, because as much as I love Christmas, I really can’t stomach putting the decorations up before then.

I realize this sounds crazy, since I’m supposed to be giving birth at the end of November, BUT if the little dude hasn’t shown his face yet I figure it will provide me with a distraction!

This is what I want for the fireplace:

I have grown up with fun fancy villages on the fireplace mantle at Christmas and I want to create one for our house without having to go buy the miniature houses (they are expensive, yo!). My solution? Save up milk cartons in different sizes, cut doors and windows out of them and then paint them. I’m debating between painting them all white and drawing on them with black Sharpie or painting them more realistic colours. What do you think? I’ll put down some cotton batting for snow and try and string some lights through each house so they glow at night. This year we will have three stockings hanging from our fireplace, the husband and I already have ours so I have to go try and find one that sort of matches for the little dude.

There is currently a greeny-blue painting on our mantle that will stay put because it hides the ugly cable outlet that is up there. I think it will provide a nice background to the winter scene, especially if I decide to go with the “all white” houses.  I bought some fishing line from the craft store so I could hang stuff from the little dude’s ceiling, but I haven’t gotten around to making anything to hang yet so I thought it would be fun to use some pieces here. I’m going to try to find some wooden cutouts of snowflakes that I can paint (white) and then put glitter all over. I’ll string them up on the fishing line and as long as they are light enough I should be able to just tape them to the ceiling and they will hold. If I can’t find wooden snowflakes, or if the ones I find are too heavy, I’ll just use paper and do this.

We have a pretty white china cabinet in our kitchen that our tree sits next to. I like to dress it up a little too. Here’s what I want it to look like:

I have been wanting to make bunting FOR-EV-ER so I figured that this is the perfect opportunity to make some. I have some great fabric in my stash that will be just perfect for this! I’m not going to go too Christmasy with the fabric selection, I think it will be better that way. I love making snowflakes from folding up paper and cutting. It’s always such a fun surprise when you unfold it to see what you’ve made. I’ll make a few and stick them on the glass part of the cabinet. I’m contemplating glittering these up just to add some extra sparkle.


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