Cooking: Going Dairy-Free

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I’ve fought with my lactose intolerance for years, calling it a “sensitivity” or just blatantly ignoring it and gorging on ice cream, cheese, yogurt etc. Well the time has come to give in and accept that I need to cut dairy out of my diet. Without going into gross details, I just feel so much better when I don’t eat it.

So now I need some help. Most of my go-to recipes include dairy and I really really hate substituting cheese with something like a “soy cheese” abomination. YUCK. I prefer recipes that are dairy-free from the get-go. I’m looking for recipes/ideas for every meal – breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and even snacks. What are your favourite things to make that don’t have dairy?

Today I’ve enjoyed my morning coffee with almond milk (the only dairy substitute I actually like) with a carrot muffin for breakfast and pita chips and carrots with hummus for lunch. Dinner is going to be pulled pork with coleslaw and plain ruffle chips.  All very yummy. I’m just trying to ignore the fact that there is one yogurt cup left in the fridge that happens to be my absolute favourite. Hmm.. chant it with me “dairy-free is the way to be!”

Sigh. One day at a time!


4 thoughts on “Cooking: Going Dairy-Free

  1. That’s a toughie. I really should go dairy-free, too, since I have not been doing too well with milk and even yogurt these days. Cry. Almond milk is awesome and soy, too, but I try not to have too much soy milk. One of my favorite breakfasts is just steal-cut oats (made with water), a touch of brown sugar, and lots of chunky, tart cubes of granny smith apples, dried cranberries, and pecans. So yummy! Of course, I used to drizzle some cream in my more decadent days. 😉 I love all the salads and grains on the 101cookbooks blog. Israeli couscous is my friend. And I love making a warm farfalle pasta with garlic, EVOO, wilted spinach or kale, dried cranberries, bacon, and sometimes pine nuts. My goal is to try cooking with less ingredients and more fresh, local produce. It’s hit or miss these days.

    1. I’m trying to cut down on soy milk as well, almond milk is my new fav!

      I’m off to check out the 101cookbooks blog and I’m totally putting your farfalle pasta on my “to cook” list!

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