1 dress down, a few more to go

Success! I managed to make the Prudent Baby Most Flattering Shirt Dress over the weekend and it was pretty easy! I had a few fumbles, but for my first dress (first article of clothing, really) I think it looks pretty good. I wore it on the weekend to go see Wicked with my mom and sis.

I wasn’t able to get a full shot of me in it (no one home + no tripod = slanty half pictures of me in the dress) so I snapped a few on the hanger. All pictures were taken after the dress had been worn for about 8 hours and it got pretty wrinkly. I wore it with a funky gold/copper belt and strappy copper sandals. It was the perfect outfit to take in a matinee at the theatre. (By the way – isn’t Wicked the best show ever? Man, if you haven’t seen it and ever get the chance to, do it! I loved it to pieces).

The directions were very easy to follow and even though I had never sewn with elastic thread or bias tape I was able to figure it out with a little help from google. I found these instructions helpful:

Single Fold Bias Tape Tutorial (with photos)

Sweet Shirred Summer Dress Pattern (help with elastic thread sewing)

I messed up a bit on the elastic, so I would recommend you go slow. Like Jaime from Prudent Baby, I had to take in the sides of the top after sewing the middle with elastic as it was a little balloon-like. But after a little adjusting, I’m happy with it. A good start to my Summer of (Almost) no Pants. Next up some skirts!


7 thoughts on “1 dress down, a few more to go

  1. I’m currently doing research on how this tutorial came out for other people before I try it myself and wow, I love your dress! That fabric is fantastic! I’ve had the tutorial bookmarked for almost a year and I think I’m going to tackle it this weekend!

    1. It’s a great tutorial! Have fun with it. Like I said in my post, just go slow with the elastic thread and you shouldn’t have any problems! I had the tutorial bookmarked and the fabric forever before I finally took the plunge. Go for it! Let me know how your dress turns out.

  2. I made a version of this dress. It came out a little shorter than I expected and I had a really hard time getting the bias tape to cooperate at the bottom of the “v” in the neckline. Yours turned out great! You did a fantastic job for your first article of clothing!

  3. I see you skipped the bias tape- right? I followed your comment from the original post and I think I’m going to sit down and do this- but I don’t have bias tape. I’m also considering use doing one or two rounds of elastic since i don’t have elastic thread. Looking Good!

    1. I didn’t skip the bias tape, although at some points I wish I did! It was one of the trickier parts of the dress. Just make sure you get the single fold stuff. You could also cut it a little bigger and just make a seam by folding the edge over and stitching. Not sure how it would look, though.

      Good luck!

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