Almond Milk Recipes

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Since going dairy-free I have been enjoying my coffee with almond milk. Just a regular, commercial brand that I picked up at the grocery store. I was trying to figure out what else I can do with it so I googled “Almond Milk Recipes” thinking it would return a bunch of results about cooking/baking etc. with almond milk. Boy was I wrong (in a good way, not like that time I typed “” rather than “” when I was about 14.. hah!) instead I got a bunch of recipes to MAKE YOUR OWN ALMOND MILK. I don’t know why I didn’t think that it was possible to do, perhaps because I think of it like milk and I’ve never once thought “oh, I’ll just go milk a cow so I can eat cereal this morning”.

The recipes look really easy, I’ve collected a few of them that I want to try over the next couple of weeks. I’ll update this post once I find one that I like!

The Creamiest Almond Milk + a dessert recipe <a side note, this looks like an awesome blog, she’s got a section called “Reskills” where she explores teaching readers how to re-learn forgotten living skills that people had in previous generations, sewing, growing your own food, cooking meals from scratch, very cool!>

A whole bunch of different almond milk recipes, with reviews

The ubiquitous version of the recipe

Elana’s Pantry version + a link to a recipe for using the leftover almond pulp

I figured out I can probably just substitute almond milk for milk in virtually every recipe. First on the list to make will probably be these – Almond Milk Pancakes and here’s another recipe by the Non-Dairy Queen. I think I’ll be perusing her website on my lunch break today!


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