Little treat: Cinnamon Sugar

A little taste of childhood, well for me it is, anyways! We always used to sprinkle this yummy combo on top of buttered toast (still a favourite way to enjoy it, just minus the butter since I am dairy-free). This morning I decided I would stir a little into my Americano (with almond milk).. uh, YUM!

Here’s what I’ve been enjoying for breakfast lately – some sort of caffeinated beverage, two pieces of 12 grain toast with a smear of peanut butter and sliced banana.

Come to think of it, a sprinkling of cinnamon sugar on top of the bananas would probably be pretty yummy too. MUST REMEMBER THIS FOR TOMORROW!

What are you eating for breakfast these days?


2 thoughts on “Little treat: Cinnamon Sugar

  1. I’m eating Kashi Autumn Wheat with almond milk these days. Pretty ho-hum, but I like it. I bring my stash for the week to work and just pour myself a bowl every morning. 🙂 Have you tried PB and bananas with honey? So yummy. 🙂

    1. Kashi is awesome. I love the cinnamon wheat cereal (the one that’s sort of like Mini-Wheats). When I worked in an office I always had food in the fridge for breakfast, it’s the only way!

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